About Green Earth

Our Mission



Green Earth, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit land conservation organization.

Our mission is to preserve natural areas for the benefit of the people of Carbondale, IL.  

We own and maintain six natural areas, totaling 220 acres, and nine miles of hiking trails - all open to the public for outdoor recreation and enjoyment.
Green Earth is governed by 13 volunteer board members.  The board members meet monthly to discuss property management and governance issues.  

Green Earth currently has one half-time employee, the executive director.  The executive director is responsible for the day to day operations which include coordinating volunteer manpower, drafting the quarterly newsletter, outreach projects, website development and maintenance, filing tax forms, drafting the annual report, and various other duties.

Green Earth was created in 1974 with the purpose of acquiring, preserving, and providing public access to natural areas in Carbondale.  The funding to establish this not-for-profit organization was provided by a grant from the City of Carbondale in the amount of $102,000.  

Green Earth acquired its first property, Brush Hill Nature Preserve, in 1976 using a portion of the grant money; the remainder of the money was invested.  Revenue from these investments generates about one-half of the annual 
operating Budget.  The other half comes from donations from the community.

Green Earth acquired its second property in 1979  with the purchase of a portion of the Oakland Nature Preserve (the property was later expanded in 2005).  Green Earth went on to acquire the Chautauqua Bottoms Complex (formerly called Green Earth's Wetlands) through several land purchases spanning 1990 - 2004. 

Green Earth acquired Fernlands Nature Preserve and the Flaglands Demonstration Prairie through land donations from private citizens.  Fernlands was donated by the Arnold Family in 1998 and Flaglands was donated by Harris Malan in 1999.

The newest Green Earth property, Pyles Fork Preserve, was conveyed to Green Earth in the summer of 2009 by the American Lands Conservancy. 

In 2009 Green Earth celebrated its 35th anniversary.  To commemorate the occasion, a comprehensive history of Green Earth was drafted by James Fralish, Dorcy Prosser, and Sara Baer. The history was put into pamphlet form and is available to view or download.

History Pamphlet 2009 ( .pdf download)

The People of Green Earth

Executive Director
Stephanie Eichholz
618 201-3774

Officers                                                               Board Members
Beth Fisher, President                                      David Gibson   
Nathan Speagle, Vice President                  Judy Martinko  
Keith Beyler, Treasurer                                    Ken Mayberry
Dorcy Prosser, Secretary                               Grant Miller                                                                         
                                                                                       Becca Tally                                                     
                                                                                       Laurel Toussaint 
                                                                                       Marisa Szubryt                                       
Trail Adopters
      Brush Hill                                                                                                                                          
             Herbie Beyler Trail                                 Long Forestry Consultation                                          
            Stan HarrisTrail                                         SIUC Evaluation & Developmental Center                                      
            Woodland Trail                                          NeuroRestorative     
    Chautauqua Bottoms
            Maurice Webb Trail                                 Ken Mayberry
            Woodland Spur Trail                               Bob & Janel Taylor
            David Kenney Trail                                   Dorcy Prosser & Jan Weiss
​    Fernlands                                                              Nathan Speagle
    Pyles Fork Preserve                                        

            PFP Trail                                                        River to River Runners Club
            PFP Site                                                          SIUC Geography Club